28 of the Most Aesthetic and Captivating Hotels for a South Tyrol

28 of the Most Aesthetic and Captivating Hotels for a South Tyrol

Those who have been following me for a while know how much I adore South Tyrol. Over the past 5 years, I’ve spent several months there in total. My posts about South Tyrol still rank at the top of Google search results. You can read about all my trips to South Tyrol on this link: South Tyrol, where you’ll find a lot of useful and interesting information. And now, I’ll share my top hotel recommendations with you. This will be the best post on this topic that you can find, trust me. I’ve spent months meticulously compiling this list for you, and the best part is it’s completely free. Typically, such collections are sold in guides, so you can show your appreciation with a simple comment.

This small but marvelous corner of Northern Italy, an autonomous province, not only shares a border with Austria but also combines an alpine lifestyle with a touch of La Dolce Vita. South Tyrol is a blend of cultures, languages, traditions, progressive architecture, and stunning mountain landscapes. From snow-capped peaks to sunny palm trees, from traditional Tyrolean huts to eco-friendly architecture, from pasta to dumplings, from chic Italian style to lederhosen, from Habsburg villas to elegant modernist architecture, from espresso to schnapps, from ski slopes to botanical gardens… Here, you’ll find the Dolomites and the Three Peaks of Lavaredo (Tre Cime di Lavaredo/Die Drei Zinnen), a UNESCO World Heritage Site declared in 2009. It’s a place you must visit!

1. Miramonti Boutique Hotel

An incredibly beautiful boutique hotel, situated right above the town of Merano on a sunny plateau in Hafling, amidst a carpet of mountain forest with stunning views of Merano and the breathtaking Alto Adige from a bird’s-eye perspective. The hotel building, which opened in 1932, has undergone several transformations, including serving as a luxurious mountain residence. In 1998, the building was expanded and converted into a hotel, and in the mid-2000s, the “Panorama” restaurant and modern-style rooms were added. Despite skillfully incorporating contemporary elements into this classic Alpine spa complex, the roots of this region are palpable through vintage items scattered throughout, giving a subtle nostalgic charm to the mountain culture. The fusion of architectural styles adds even more appeal to Miramonti: bold new additions blend with the original facade, resembling a weathered chocolate box with a pure Alpine heritage. These modern interventions reflect the ongoing adaptation of Alpine life, creating a hub of contemporary design complemented by mid-century furniture and design icons. The Miramonti boutique hotel stands out for its simplicity and refinement, making it the perfect place for relaxation overlooking Merano, as well as for active enthusiasts, food connoisseurs, lovers of the good life, and, of course, those seeking tranquility.

Miramonti Boutique Hotel, Merano

2. San Luis Hotel

One of the most picturesque nature hotels in my collection! The San Luis Hotel is located in the Trentino-Alto Adige region in Italy. It’s a special place for agrotourism enthusiasts. San Luis is situated within a natural reserve in a breathtaking setting of mountains, lakes, and a high-altitude park. Instead of a traditional hotel, here you’ll find individual chalets by the water or deep in the forest, true treehouse-style accommodations. There are also common areas. Everything here is made from wood, glass, and clay. It’s truly a unique place for a nature getaway. As it’s often called these days, it’s the perfect spot for a retreat.

San Luis Hotel, Avelengo

3. Gardena Grödnerhof Hotel & Spa

Perched on the heights of Merano in South Tyrol, Castle Fragsburg is an exceptional 17th-century hotel. Distinguishing itself not only in style but also with a unique philosophy and art of living, it serves as a true sanctuary amidst magnificent, untouched nature. From its elevated terraces, you can revel in breathtaking views of the Adige Valley, and within the heart of its enchanting 5-acre garden, you can reconnect with the beauty of the world through a celebration of the senses. Inside the hotel’s twenty suites, you’ll find elegant interiors that blend Alpine comfort and Mediterranean sensuality for ultimate relaxation. This ambiance is complemented by the one-of-a-kind Alchemistic Healing Spa, offering delightful cosmetic procedures, as well as a jacuzzi and heated outdoor pool, where you can spend unforgettable moments under the sun. For gourmets, the hotel’s South Tyrolean chef emphasizes the use of local, wholesome ingredients, inviting you to savor exquisite aromas that serve as elixirs of life.

Gardena Grödnerhof Hotel & Spa, Ortisei

4. Castel Fragsburg

At the heights of Merano in South Tyrol, Castle Fragsburg stands as an exceptional 17th-century hotel. Setting itself apart not only in style but also with a unique philosophy and art of living, it serves as a true refuge amidst the splendid, unspoiled nature. From its elevated terraces, breathtaking views of the Adige Valley unfold, and at the heart of its fairytale-like 5-acre garden, you can once again connect with the beauty of the world through a celebration of the senses. Inside the hotel’s twenty suites, you’ll discover elegant interiors that blend Alpine comfort with Mediterranean sensuality for optimal relaxation. This ambiance aligns with the one-of-a-kind Alchemistic Healing Spa, offering wondrous cosmetic procedures, as well as a jacuzzi and a heated outdoor pool where you can spend unforgettable moments under the sun. For gourmets, the hotel’s South Tyrolean chef highlights the use of wholesome regional ingredients and invites you to relish exquisite aromas that also serve as wonderful elixirs of life.

Castel Fragsburg, Merano

5. Hotel Weißes Kreuz

The boutique hotels Weißes Kreuz and Mansion zum Löwen, representing an architectural blend of modern design and history, span centuries while being located in the heart of the ancient commune of Burgeis (Burgusio). Parts of the buildings dating back to the 13th century and the lineage of merchants in this location since 1871, it’s no wonder that these restored walls harbor a charming heritage. In the three distinct incarnations of Weißes Kreuz hotel, with its oldest wing situated in the Löwen mansion, the beams of various wood types are evident. Walnut, birch, and smoked oak adorn the thick bucolic walls, conveying the soul of former farm barns, a magnificent Renaissance bishop’s house, and the residences of merchants who once traversed the Romanesque Via Claudia Augusta street. The trio of interiors in each building speaks to their origins: modern design permeates the ancient quarters, contemporary sharp accents meld with the palette of traditional materials, and layered textiles provide gentle, subtle touches of light luxury. The retouched history seamlessly transitions into the 21st century. Freely standing baths beneath vaulted rafters or on walls built back in the 13th century offer a unique juxtaposition. Design-savvy connoisseurs of interior spaces will face a dilemma – which home in South Tyrol will become yours. In the Mansion zum Löwen and Weißes Kreuz hotels, three generations reside, and while these hotels reflect the diversity of contemporary facets of luxury, the style of their design is as unique as the DNA itself.

Hotel Weißes Kreuz, Burgusio


Some places simply enchant you. They draw your gaze, touch your spirit, and remain in your heart. ADLER Lodge RITTEN is located in one of these charming places, majestically perched above the valleys and surrounded by the magic of the mountains. In the midst of the most beautiful natural landscapes, this retreat awaits you—a haven for those who thirst for serene bliss, freedom, and invigorating lightness. Natural materials. Warm light. Natural wooden floor surfaces. Sustainable construction (sustainable construction techniques use eco-friendly materials, renewable energy sources, green structures made from plants and trees, atmospheric water is collected and utilized, and more). The character of the forest not only shapes the entire ADLER Lodge RITTEN but also sets the tone inside. Thanks to large glass windows, panoramic views of the outdoors open up. The boundaries between the interior and exterior worlds blur. Revel in the luxury of nature and the highest level of comfort.

ADLER Lodge RITTEN, Soprabolzano

7. Hotel Chalet Mirabell

The exclusive Chalet Mirabell in South Tyrol is a place where you can spend a wonderful time. Amidst luxury and Alpine beauty, vast spaces, and untouched nature, you’ll enjoy magnificent mountain and nature views from elegant rooms and suites. Treat yourself to a 6,000 square meter spa and relaxation area. Immerse yourself in South Tyrol’s longest heated natural pond. Whether it’s an active, wellness, family, or romantic getaway, when the beautiful landscape around this 5-star hotel in South Tyrol doesn’t lure you into nature, you can spend the day in your room. The glass balcony or terrace doors become a huge screen, showcasing an enthralling “nature film” from morning till night. In addition to the panoramic view, the exclusive rooms and suites offer luxurious comfort and a harmonious blend of traditional Alpine coziness, urban chic, and Mediterranean lifestyle.

Hotel Chalet Mirabell, Avelengo

8. Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz – The Leading Hotels of the World

For mountain enthusiasts, by mountain enthusiasts – a hotel inspired by the passion of South Tyrol’s mountain sports legends, the diversity of South Tyrol’s mountains, and the creativity of star designer Matteo Thun. Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz is part of the Leading Hotels Of The World and, as a hub for active recreation, offers unique experiences throughout the year on South Tyrol’s most famous active mountain and its surroundings. Welcome to Kronplatz! In addition, it’s a true journey of enjoyment characterized by the quality, creativity, and culinary artistry of the 7Summit kitchen team. The 7Summit Slow Food concept is characterized by innovative South Tyrolean cuisine, alternately inspired by the aromas and typical dishes of regions surrounding Europe’s highest peaks. The dishes are based on high-quality products from local South Tyrolean farms, complemented by exquisite spices and flavors from Alpine regions.

Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz, Brunico

9. Castel Hörtenberg

In the enchanting center of the old town of Bolzano, there stands a beautiful Renaissance-style castle. Surrounded by four tall towers, Hörtnerburg Castle at first glance appears to have stepped out of time. Located just a few minutes’ walk from the bustling city center, a surprised guest suddenly discovers a magical oasis of tranquility here. Today, Hörtnerburg Castle is an exclusive retreat, where an elegant atmosphere, comfort, and exceptional service come together. It’s a place where you can feel in the here and now while fully immersing yourself in the castle’s history.

Castel Hörtenberg, Bolzano

10. My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel

A tree-top hotel that exceeds all expectations. A sanctuary hovering high above the ordinary. A home that naturally blends into the landscape, as if it has always been part of the forest. Since 2018, “My Arbor” represents a new dimension of travel. Nestled among the green pines and grays of the Dolomite Alps, the Huber family created My Arbor on the “Plose” mountain, high above the charming South Tyrolean town of Bressanone. It’s a place that blurs the boundaries of the familiar. Where does the forest end, and where does the sky begin?

My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel, Bressanone

11. Cyprianerhof Dolomit Resort

Some places instantly captivate you and never let go. One of such places is this 5-star hotel in the Dolomite Alps, South Tyrol, Cyprianerhof, located in a small, tranquil Dolomite village called Tires/Tiers. In front of this 5-star hotel in South Tyrol, the impressive Catinaccio/Rosengarten rises majestically, the realm of King Laurin. This sight inspires the eyes and touches the soul, especially in the evening when the sun sets, and the rocky giant is painted in bright shades of red. Against the backdrop of this magnificent landscape with alpine meadows, quiet forests, and incredible rock formations, all that matters is the here and now. Your individual holiday of happiness in harmony with nature. And the restaurant! The taste qualities of the dishes are as diverse as the surrounding nature. Fresh berries from the Aicha/Aicha di Fiè, crisp vegetables from local farmers, high-quality pasture-raised meat, South Tyrolean apples, flour from local grains – in the hotel’s South Tyrolean gourmet kitchen, high-quality natural ingredients from the surroundings take center stage. The chef behind the stove is Monica Damian, the hotel owner’s daughter. She has the talent to re-imagine grandmother’s recipes and give them a light Mediterranean touch. Using the gifts of nature, Monica creates delicious culinary works of art that will win over even the most discerning palates.

Cyprianerhof Dolomit Resort, Tires

12. Vigilius Mountain Resort

Inspired by a fallen tree and the surrounding beauty of the San Vigilio mountain landscapes, Vigilius Mountain Resort redefines the concept of an eco-design hotel accessible only by a cable car. At Vigilius Mountain Resort, an unusual eco-design crafted from streamlined wood and pure simplicity leaves nothing superfluous, and comfort, design, and style abound. The bedrooms, paneled in spruce, mirror their forested neighbors, while the heated stone reveals a panoramic view of meadows, the darkening violet sky, and the Dolomites, so close it feels as if you could touch them. Find coziness within the walls of untreated clay, and the pure natural palette is complemented with subtle accents of amber and tactile, comfortable fabrics. From a natural source long revered for its healing radon, in the Italian design town of Merano, they bottle such precious H2O that it sells for a small fortune. Here, it’s just on tap: it’s for washing, drinking, even brushing your teeth. This design hotel perched on a mountain peak, awarded numerous accolades in the field of ecology, from Wallpaper Design to Eco Hotels of the World, is also the recipient of the gold EarthCheck award.

Vigilius Mountain Resort, Lana

13. Anders Mountain Suites

The innovative Anders Mountain Suites hotel in Bressanone (Brixen), built on the site of a former hotel, has become a conceptual place of retreat immersed in the misty mountain landscapes of the Italian Dolomites. Out of the previous hotel’s 50 rooms, only seven remain (for a maximum of 14 guests). Owner Andreas Plattner, together with architect Martin Gruber, radically transformed the concept of the hotel, emphasizing a personalized approach. Surrounded by the green spires of pine trees and the drama of movement against the jagged mountain panorama of the Plose massif, Anders Mountain Suites has a low minimalist profile that smoothly transitions into sculpture: the trunk of a tree meets turned structures. The combination of flowing spruce balanced by a smooth concrete cap impresses with its originality. The hotel’s interior also presents surprises. Firstly, it appears wildly open and bold – panoramic windows allow the ever-changing weather to pass over snow-covered peaks, and the use of smooth, matte spruce wood and warm fire softens the interior space. The hotel is located at an altitude of 1850 meters, allowing for skiing right from its doors and hiking in the summer. A design sanctuary for those who love to be in the clouds but firmly rooted in architectural modernism, Anders Mountain Suites, with its all-encompassing views, sets new standards for luxurious alpine hospitality.

Anders Mountain Suites, Brixen

You can book one of the 7 suites on Booking by following the links (they are different): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

14. Hotel Winkler Sport & Spa Resort

The Winkler Hotel is more than just a hotel near Plan de Corones/Kronplatz: it’s a luxury spa resort, a sports enthusiast’s haven in the Dolomites, a family-friendly resort, and a prestigious designer hotel nestled amidst greenery. Thanks to its unique blend of luxury, design, and an exclusive concept, the Winkler Hotel is in a league of its own. Miriam Winkler and Christoph Schuster are delighted to welcome you to this wonderful retreat. While the most modern amenities and contemporary style change over time, one aspect remains strictly and proudly traditional: the homey atmosphere, which has become the hotel’s trademark. Drawing on sincere passion and maintaining a fantastic team, the hotel continues to perfect its wellness program, offering an increasingly broad range of opportunities for customizing your stay. The Winkler Hotel is neither a traditional spa resort nor an ordinary family resort. Like many hotels in South Tyrol, it is something special, combining the best of premium spa, outdoor adventures, family service, and exquisite cuisine.

Hotel Winkler Sport & Spa Resort, San Lorenzo di Sebato

15. AMA Stay

AMA Stay is the perfect place where you can pursue everything you love – both relaxation and work. Located at the foot of Plan de Corones, it’s a place where remote workers, digital nomads, and vacationers come together. AMA Stay is not just an ordinary hotel in San Vigilio. It offers a space for peace and new initiatives. Discover endless opportunities for productive work, leisure, and getting to know South Tyrol. At AMA Stay, the unique concept of accommodation for both short and long stays combines minimalist design, technological advancement, genuine Ladin hospitality, and South Tyrolean cuisine. Whether you’re content with a hotel room and access to all the amenities or prefer the complete freedom and independence provided by a vacation apartment, you can find it here. And, of course, the restaurant. At AMA Restaurant, they are passionate about South Tyrolean cuisine, bridging the gap from the south to the north and paying special attention to nature and the products it provides. Chef Marco cooks “alla nonna,” just like grandma used to. He upholds the traditions of good, honest Mediterranean cuisine, prepared with a modern twist. He loves nothing more than using ingredients from their own garden and cooking in accordance with the seasons. His passion is to make you and all the other guests a little bit happier.

AMA Stay, San Vigilio Di Marebbe

16. ADLER Historic Guesthouse

No matter what time of the year you visit the city on the Isarco River, Adler is your ideal hotel in Brixen. This cathedral city captivates guests with its historical old town, charming boutiques, and captivating arcades. When you visit Brixen, you’ll discover a city that lives and breathes sports and culture. This historical guesthouse perfectly balances all your needs and desires. With two restaurants, Finsterwirt and Vitis, as well as the Tagesbar restaurant in the Adler itself, you can find exactly what you need in the hotel in Brixen at any time of the day. Traditional hospitality, high-quality cuisine, exceptional wines in an unassuming atmosphere.

ADLER Historic Guesthouse, Bressanone

17. Buehelwirt Hotel

Bühelwirt demonstrates a successful way to resist the rapidly changing world. It offers the lost comfort of design stability. Bühelwirt has become the subject of one of the most intellectual reconstructions in South Tyrol’s tourism industry. The project, executed by the local firm Pedevilla Architects, challenges the concept of timelessness, mirroring two different versions of the hotel: one from 1910 and the other from 2017, with the latter designed to blur any temporal markers. The original main building was expanded with the addition of a new wing that includes 20 rooms, a restaurant, and a sauna.

Buehelwirt Hotel, San Giacomo

18. Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus

The wellness services at Hotel Hubertus have been turned upside down, quite literally. The new spa salon, designed by the Noa Network as an addition to the hotel and perched above the town of Valdaora in northern Italy, resembles an inverted floating village. Dizzying and suspended in alpine emptiness, it was intended to redefine the experience of observing the landscape. The facade of the spa center is positioned in such a way that it reflects in the adjacent infinity pool, also designed by Noa, and it is suspended 15 meters above ground level on two stilts clad in larch logs. But undoubtedly, its visual highlight is the inverted pitched roofs that descend from the lower platform level, creating the appearance of a 180-degree horizon flip. This choice was driven by both formal and functional considerations. The stunning result resembles an Escher print, where the dreamlike structure replicates a play of reverse perspectives and engineering acrobatics.

Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus, Valdaora

19. Schgaguler Hotel

The Schgaguler Hotel is a modern luxury resort with stunning architecture and design, located in the mountain village of Kastelruth, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site, overlooking the famous Alpe di Siusi mountain. It combines Italian coolness, Danish hygge principles, and touches of sweet Japanese detailing, offering spacious designer bedrooms, large rooftop suites, a magnificent spa center with pools, a gourmet restaurant, and a fireplace bar that opens onto a large terrace with views of the nearby Sciliar mountain. The combination of South Tyrolean traditions and contemporary design elements gives this hotel a unique style. It’s an alpine retreat that captivates with the dramatic beauty of the facing Dolomites.

Schgaguler Hotel, Castelrotto

20. Gloriette Guesthouse

The Gloriette Boutique Hotel is a charismatic rural rebel in the sweet mountains of South Tyrol’s Soprabolzano, designed in a modern style with iconic arches-columns, rhomboid projections, and a fairy-tale rooftop cantilevered pool faced with bronze. Built in 2018 on the site of a former hotel, the Gloriette Boutique Hotel is the brainchild of the Albert family, who wisely commissioned noa, an architectural studio founded by Lukas Rungger and Stefan Rier, to create a new modern Alpine hotel. Inside, the atmosphere is somewhat bohemian. Smooth resin floors combine with local wood, and spacious open-plan areas are adorned with standalone furniture, vintage finds, a hint of nostalgia for bygone eras, and fabrics in wild colors. The clever, bright, and contemporary interior design of Gloriette exudes a deliberate lightness and contrasts beautifully with the drama of the surrounding nature framed by each arched window. It’s an unpretentious boutique retreat, combining the beauty of mountain landscapes with urban design, igniting a relaxed atmosphere warmed by a touch of Alpine grandeur – a return to the good old times.

Gloriette Guesthouse, Soprabolzano

21. 1477 Reichhalter

The 1477 Reichhalter Boutique Guesthouse is a stylishly shabby guesthouse designed by local architect Zeno Bampi and designer Christina von Berg. Its unassuming beauty, characterized by imperfection, tells a story of interior design that embraces raw simplicity and a serene palette of chalky whites, coppery greens, and soft shades of gray, ranging from milky to lead pencil gray. Reichhalter preserves the cornerstones of its former life, and the history is pleasantly prominent, conveying a sense of complete authenticity without excessive artifice—it’s not designed renovation but a created and tangible one. Preserved furniture, antiques, ceramic pieces in grainy tones, bed linens in muted hues, and a small library of well-bound books—all of these were specially curated for this house and no other. Despite being a small guesthouse, this B&B has everything you need: luxurious bed linens and organic skincare products from Susanne Kaufmann, which add a touch of indulgence to the pure puritanical style. Reichhalter is a hotel for those who love muted tones, earthy decor, and the many wrinkles of the past. It’s a tiny hotel that confidently revels in its own style and warmly welcomes its new owners who dared to fall in love with this home.

1477 Reichhalter, Lana

22. Villa Fluggi

The magical five-bedroom retro-style villa Fluggi, once the retreat of press world gurus, awaits you in the perpetually sunny Merano. This city, blessed with natural beauty—soaring snow-capped mountains, spa thermal waters filled with rejuvenating minerals, and a real springboard for journeys through the surrounding peaks and valleys. This splendid villa will immerse you in a vintage atmosphere lovingly created in a private home adorned with carefully selected mid-century design pieces. Paying homage to everything 60s, the villa celebrates style icons not only from the Alps but also from Scandinavia and beyond, gently floating in this time zone with splashes of bright color, patterned tablecloths, tropical foliage, and a wide range of low-slung designer chairs from Eames to Dieter Rams in shades of charcoal gray, olive green, and oatmeal. Descending the sunlit marble staircase, you can enjoy a morning espresso, bask in the rays on the covered open veranda, and, lounging in a Bättig chair, reflect on the day ahead. Stroll through the spacious garden filled with palm trees, and don’t forget about the sauna in the unique wooden cabin entwined with palm fronds. Or simply relax in the stylish interior, surrounded by greenery, while sitting on a Florence Knoll sofa.

Villa Fluggi, Merano

23. Ansitz Steinbock

The stern beauty and grandeur are the inaugural signs of Ansitz Steinbock, a 15th-century castle and glacial-gray monolith perched on the slopes of the South Tyrolean village of Villandro in northern Italy. The impressive Gothic entrance with puritanical elegance, welcomed by a frescoed coat of arms, contrasts with the cozy design and genuine warmth inside Ansitz Steinbock. Within the old stone walls, you’ll find wood-paneled Stube, spacious contemporary-style rooms, and an exquisite restaurant that has been welcoming locals and guests since 1750. Clear design intent was to strip away historical layers to reveal the architectural purity of the castle. The walled entrance, the castle’s exterior, and the cobbled inner courtyard stand majestically, as they always have, where history’s ghosts whisper about the past. Inside, the original spruce floor, centuries-old, and the clay-plastered walls exude historical drama, while a softer approach to interior design creates an atmosphere of coziness. Furniture custom-made by Erlacher craftsmen in Barbiano, wooden saunas, deep freestanding tubs, and “sink in a sink” sofas – these are the modern life accents, surrounded by calming natural materials: local pine, smoked oak, cast iron, marble, basalt, and wool, all in a pleasing muted palette of charcoal grays, white marls, and wood tones. An iconic castle with romantic design and superb cuisine, deeply rooted in history.

Ansitz Steinbock, Villandro

24. Schloss Freudenstein

On a hill overlooking Appiano in South Tyrol, where vineyards and Bolzano come into view, you can live out your royal dreams in this classic fortification, parts of which date back to the 10th century. Sleep beneath medieval frescoes, wander through labyrinthine corridors, perch on raised battlements, or stroll in the Mediterranean garden framed by the ivy-covered castle. Despite its fairytale appearance, Schloss Freudenstein exudes luxurious comfort, bearing witness to its millennium-long history when it sheltered noble relatives and baronial families. The architectural features of the castle, revitalized and brought to life, narrate its story, while sumptuous additions like huge beds, marble baths, modern tiles, and an open-air pool allow visitors to bask in the cozy atmosphere of ancestral grandeur. The co-owner and matriarch, Karolina, a member of the Gastner family, has carefully transposed the castle from its historical roots into the present, yet, crucially, has preserved the joyful flow of its erstwhile heritage. Focusing on details like handcrafted washbasins, high-thread-count linens, and heated floors, this castle smoothly circumvents its balustrades, turrets, and logs. However, the true pleasure lies in exploring the castle and its cave-like interiors: admiring intricate stained glass windows, grand fireplaces framed in timber, hidden inner courtyards and staircases, a resonant music hall, and a chapel-like crypt. Antique elements capture attention, with frescoes adorning arched ceilings, smooth plastered walls blending seamlessly into modern decor, tactile brick floors, exposed stone masonry, and beams. At night, the castle seems to glow with its own history, and the soft light of candles, Ulrike Brandi lamps, and flickering fireplaces become the place where you can find your happiness.

Schloss Freudenstein, Appiano sulla Strada del Vino

25. Fink

The ancient hotel, built in 1450, is an aesthetically restrained fusion of heritage. Throughout its rich history, this house has served as a post office, a coffeehouse, a coppersmith, and has changed like a chameleon. However, its restoration, initiated by the architects at ASAGGIO in Brixen, was done with a light and deft hand, so harmoniously that the historical frescoes, rounded arches, and antique wooden doors seamlessly blend into the modern setting of whitewashed lime walls, minimalist decor, and muted color palette. Precision and quality throughout Hotel Fink and its nine apartments attest that this restoration haven was created for a long-lasting stay, blending seamlessly into the familiar urban life of Brixen. Described as “arcaded architecture,” the authentic vaulted bones of the building are accentuated with stylistic touches within the contemporary and puritanical vision of Fink. It’s no wonder that the hotel owners Petra and Florian believe the house once served as a monastery, as evidenced by the unusual use of frescoes, which now come to life in the apartments. Today, “Fink” is a sanctuary of resolute serenity and austere beauty, reimagined for those who appreciate thoughtful design in their accommodations. The underground vaulted spa completes the picture, where Roman bathing rituals are performed in hot and cold pools, saunas, and steam rooms.

Fink, Brixen

26. Villa Arnica

Villa Arnica, situated on the hillside between Bolzano and Merano, exudes the perfect style – it’s a cozy and luxurious villa in the charming village of Lana, where a clear brook flows through the town, and you can see the Dolomites from above. Built in 1925, this 95-year-old villa displays all the signs of its historical age: lavishly restored terrazzo, a smooth herringbone-patterned floor, and recently upholstered vintage velvet sofas – all of which create a contemporary retreat where the legacy of nearly a century ago is embodied in today’s elegant aesthetics. But beyond that, Villa Arnica is the ideal place for a ready-made adult-only vacation and relaxation with a light and easy atmosphere, inspired by the era of classic leisure a la Slim Aarons. The best way to spend your time here is by the pool under a fluttering umbrella in the garden enveloped by lush greenery. Until 1980, the guesthouse was a magnet for dreamers, artists, actors, and creative personalities who flocked here from all over Europe. Today, the villa preserves that carefree and playful spirit, where guests can put a record on the turntable before indulging in an aperitif in vintage glasses, and the decor is adorned with finds from antique markets and mid-century Italian furniture. Like a best friend’s house, Villa Arnica is what you need, where freedom, natural beauty, and nostalgia for vintage items go hand in hand.

Villa Arnica, Lana

27. Villa Verde

Freedom, lightness, design, and the soothing color palette of Mother Earth’s green – these are the defining features of the wellness apartments at VillaVerde, an architectural beauty of a modern-style villa with a profound sense of soul, located in Algund/Lagundo near the South Tyrolean resort of Merano. VillaVerde is a family enterprise, so expect to be welcomed by the charismatic mother, Heidi, and her daughters, Judith, Paula, and Lea. Coming to VillaVerde is like stepping into the warm embrace of their reimagined world of comfort and serene style. Breakfast with a view of the mountains, bathing in the natural pond, flipping through books in the library by the fireplace, a traditional coffeehouse with homemade baked goods, fragrant herb gardens, and an outdoor pool, three saunas, three relaxation rooms, and a spacious lawn – VillaVerde is a place where you can come and feel good.

Villa Verde, Lagundo

28. Parkhotel Mondschein

The new enchanting Parkhotel Mondschein is a city sanctuary of effortless glamour located in Bolzano. It’s a new park center where design, music, art, culture, consciousness, and nature blend seamlessly. The building, a listed cultural heritage site with closed white shutters, is a true architectural chameleon with historical stucco, wide corridors, high ceilings, elaborate carpentry, stone masonry, and original parquet flooring. Parts of the house date back to 1330, and in 1890, elements of the “Belle Époque” style were added to the medieval building. Parkhotel Mondschein is a liberal place for relaxation, adding another dimension by using contemporary art pieces and commissioning works from artists such as Irene Fernandes Arcas, who creates installations combining drawings, paintings, and photographs, and Dominican-French artist and photographer Carla Hiraldo Voleau. Creating a cultural center, the hotel showcases both photographs and paintings, and a roster of young talents, authors, winemakers, and DJs keeps curious visitors entertained. Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of Parkhotel Mondschein is its easy access to nature. Located near a park, it allows you to stroll peacefully in the shade of centuries-old trees and listen to the silence of the mountains. This new urban hotel, immersed in an atmosphere of authenticity and comfort, will undoubtedly be the center of attention.

Parkhotel Mondschein, Bolzano

All these hotels are truly stunning. I feel like there’s no place in the world quite like South Tyrol, and these hotels certainly confirm that. It’s one of my favorite places on Earth.

Write which hotel you consider the most interesting. Soon I will tell you which hotel we chose for our vacation in South Tyrol.

Enjoy your vacation!

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This small but marvelous corner of Northern Italy, an autonomous province, not only shares a border with Austria but also combines an alpine lifestyle with a touch of La Dolce Vita. South Tyrol is a blend of cultures, languages, traditions, progressive architecture, and stunning mountain landscapes. From snow-capped peaks to sunny palm trees, from traditional Tyrolean huts to eco-friendly architecture, from pasta to dumplings, from chic Italian style to lederhosen, from Habsburg villas to elegant modernist architecture, from espresso to schnapps, from ski slopes to botanical gardens... Here, you'll find the Dolomites and the Three Peaks of Lavaredo (Tre Cime di Lavaredo/Die Drei Zinnen), a UNESCO World Heritage Site declared in 2009. It's a place you must visit!

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