Mauritius: Peninsula Le Morne-Braban

Mauritius: Peninsula Le Morne-Braban

I’ll remember this climb for a long time. I haven’t been so scared (physically) for my life in a long time! And nothing foretold trouble… A beautiful day and a walk (so we thought) on the mountain Le Morne with our friend, who was also in Mauritius at this time. He actually offered us a climb to a height of about 500 m. And I will tell you that this is not a high altitude – we climbed mountains much higher. So without thinking we agreed…

Here I’m standing, and I’m thinking about how scary it will be to go back down. It’s a lot harder to go down…  Rocks underfoot are always trying to run away… 

Le Morne-Braban is a famous peninsula in the southwestern part of Mauritius. It is an incredibly picturesque place. The mountain (actually a basalt rock) of Le Morne rises to a height of 556 meters.

The area became famous in the 19th century, when runaway slaves found refuge in the numerous caves of the hill. In 2008, the landscape of the peninsula was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Hiking Le Morne Brabant Mauritius

The views from Mount Le Morne are really spectacular. And now, remembering our ascent, I’m glad I did it! I overcame my fears and saw this beauty with my own eyes! 

It started really easy, a gentle road going into the woods, with a slope of not more than 30 degrees. Such a road lasted about an hour. And then started what I had not foreseen. The hollow mountain sharply turned into a piece of jutting basalt rock, on which we had to climb at an angle of 70-75 °. Not many people go to the second stage after the first. But we couldn’t turn around and leave. Although we weren’t absolutely ready for that (good thing I brought spare long pants). 

And yes, for someone it is an easy adventure (for example for those who are used to such climbs – the Swiss), but for us it was something new and unexplored! Although we are also physically sturdy: we are constantly biking (Mountain biking), haikim in the mountains (usually in South Tyrol), snowboarding, swimming, etc.

Scared? Yes! Sorry? No, not a bit. And very proud of myself! Would you still go? Well, that is very doubtful!)) Although, our friend went up about 5 times (he’s a kitesurfer and comes to Mauritius very often) and said he would do it more than once! 

You can watch the video of our climbing here >>>!

If you will be in Mauritius, and want to climb the mountain as well. Think ten times! Are you really prepared and want to do it. It will be difficult, very difficult! But also incredibly beautiful! 

Le Morne Peninsula

The peninsula itself is also very picturesque. Here are probably the most expensive and luxurious hotels: The St. Regis Mauritius Resort, LUX Le Morne Resort, Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa, etc. And of course – the best beaches! Most of which are free (although in fact they are all free, because in Mauritius it is forbidden to fence the beaches even to 5* hotels). 

Le Morne is one of the best places in the world for kiteboarding, windsurfing and paddleboarding. There are not big waves, the right wind and no sharks (because the peninsula is protected by a coral reef). 

And like I said, the beaches here are beautiful. If you go a little further from where the kitesurfers ride, there will be no people at all, and even if there are, there are very few! Most of the people here are hotel guests! We lived in a villa >>> so we had to find the beaches ourselves. 

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