One of the most beautiful towns in Puglia – Ostuni the White City

One of the most beautiful towns in Puglia – Ostuni the White City

Ostuni was one of the few places I wanted to visit in Puglia first. I looked at hundreds of pictures of this town: located near the sea, with its snow-white houses and sun-drenched streets. It’s an incredibly beautiful town that every person who loves Italy should come to! 

Surrounded by ancient olive groves, Ostuni seems to grow out of the hill itself. It is a city worth visiting at least once in a lifetime to feel its extraordinary atmosphere, its history, to taste the local colorful dishes and to smell the aroma of the local land and sea. 

The historic center, preserved intact medieval structure, it is a real maze of streets, squares, alleys, arches and snow-white staircases with flowers.

Where to stay in Ostuni, Puglia

I highly recommend staying in or near Ostuni for at least 2 days. We chose to stay in a Large private house with private rooming houses and a pool. Being 2 km from the center of Ostuni, we got into town easily by car (but be careful about parking). There are many amazing masseria in the suburbs of Ostuni, some of which I told you about here: TOP 10 Masseria Hotels in Puglia!

How to get to Ostuni, Puglia

In this region, without a car you will be like without hands! A car is a necessity here. Public transport is rare and poor. We rented one at Bari airport. By the way, about renting and driving rules in Puglia I wrote a separate post: Rent a car in Italy (soon)! 

BUT! There is still an alternative to the car. And it is a train (but be prepared for delays and cancellations, alas, it happens). Milano-Lecce and Roma-Lecce lines. The way from Rome with transfer in Bari will take you about five hours. The train from Bari to Ostuni runs every hour and the ticket costs about 5,5 €. Check the schedule and buy tickets in advance on the official website

What to see near Ostuni, Puglia

The main thing you have to visit is as many masserias as possible! Eating a lot and walking is the key to a good trip in Puglia). For example, go to Masseria Narducci for dinner (5-8 km from the city center). Maybe you want to stay there for a couple of nights (discounted booking link). 

What to see in the town of Ostuni! 

The 18th-century Chiesa di S. Vito Martire is a Rococo church attached to the Carmelite monastery. It does not hold services but houses the remains of Delia, a girl who lived about 24,000 years ago. The monastery houses the Museum of Prehistoric Civilizations of Southern Murgia (Museo delle civiltà preclassiche della Murgia Meridionale). 

The Cathedral of Assunta (La Cattedrale dell’Assunta) of the XV century is one of the most famous attractions of the Puglia region! In 1902 it was declared a monument of national importance. 

Piazza della Libertà is the center of the city. It is home to the Palazzo del Comune, originally a Franciscan monastery. 

In addition to the churches, there are an incredible number of architectural elements: arches, staircases, balconies… You want to take pictures everywhere. 

Ostuni is an incredibly beautiful town, and perhaps one of the most interesting in all of Puglia!  

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