Mauritius Hotels: Friday Attitude, Zilwa Attitude и Coin de Mire

Mauritius Hotels: Friday Attitude, Zilwa Attitude и Coin de Mire

I’ve been thinking for a long time about how to write this post.  Split it into three posts and look at each hotel separately, or put it all into one. And as you can see, I decided on the second option… So pay attention! There are a lot of pictures in the post. But for those who are thinking, which hotel from the Attitude network to choose, this post will be a hint and advice! 

Mauritius is a wonderful island! And if you decide by all means to go here to rest, I tell you – it is worth it!

Yes, Mauritius is quite expensive. And when you come here, you can stay in a luxurious five-star villa Marguery. But you can stay in one of the seven beautiful hotels of the Attitude chain. They are 3 and 4 * hotels, where breakfast is included. But if you want, you can book All Inclusive with lunch, small snacks and fine dinners.

And why they are fine, I’ll tell you in a moment. At each Attitude hotel you can choose where to dine, buffet or restaurant! Both are free with the all-inclusive option! In 3* it is usually one Kot Nou restaurant (with local Mauritian cuisine), in hotels with 4* there are several (Indian, Mauritian, Mediterranean, etc). We stayed in three hotels! Two with 3* and one with 4*. I’ll tell you which hotel we liked the most at the end) 


Friday Attitude Hotel is located on the east coast of Mauritius in Trou dʼ Eau Douce. It is an amazingly beautiful place with a coral reef. A real paradise for snorkeling lovers! And thanks to the small cape here is very secluded. Although all the beaches in Mauritius are “common”, due to the location there is never a “left” people! 

In Mauritius, we found ourselves on a national holiday (March 12) – Independence Day. And on this occasion there was dancing and cake at Friday Attitude) 

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Price: around 150 € for one night.

You can always find pieces of coral on the beach, it’s very beautiful. 
There is an interesting wagon called Taba-J (this is a feature of Attitude hotels). Here you can grab a bite to eat during the day. 

And the Kot Nou restaurant! Where we had a wonderful dinner. By the way, a table in special restaurants, you need to book in advance) If you don’t have a reservation, it’s a buffet!  


The second hotel we stayed at was called Zilwa Attitude. And this is already a 4-star hotel! And not just any hotel, but a real resort in an area called Calodin, on the northern coast of Mauritius. A 15-minute drive away is the famous village of Grand Baie. And the hotel overlooks five stunning islands. 

Zilwa has a Dine Around program: 5 themed restaurants and 3 bars serving a variety of cuisine, including local and international. One night, we had dinner at an Indian restaurant (booked a day in advance). As I wrote before, everything is free with an all-inclusive reservation. And for a vacation in Mauritius, I’ll tell you, it’s very convenient. There are not a lot of stores, and there are not a lot of places to eat good and tasty in restaurants outside the hotel. 

You can take a kayak, windsurfing and fishing at the hotel. 

The beach here is very beautiful. With incredibly warm water of milky turquoise color. But no coral reef! For fans of swimming and snorkeling – not the best option, but for fans to lie warm – perfect! And the coral reef – not always a plus, especially if you’re with kids. Corals are sharp. A fish though dangerous and there is no, but to step on a sea urchin – easily, therefore special slippers are necessary (everywhere)! And in general my mother would like it here).

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Price: around 225 € for one night.

Presents at check-in: hats, rubber slippers, and Attitude diaries! 

And this is a restaurant on the coast. In the evenings here just magical! 

By the way, you can order a romantic dinner here! Or even have a wedding ceremony! 


And our third hotel in the Attitude chain is the Coin de Mire. It is located in the town of Ben Beef. Here, the hotel has a tropical garden with 2 swimming pools. Of interest, you can take a completely free glass-bottomed boat ride on the ocean here. 

A freshly prepared breakfast buffet is served daily in the circular thatched-roof dining area. For lunch and dinner, the restaurant serves à la carte and buffet dishes. There is also a bar, La Belle Vue, which offers a variety of drinks.

One evening we had dinner at the beautiful Kot Nou restaurant! 

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Price: around 130 € for one night.

Friday we remembered the most because of the amazing beach with a coral reef. Zilwa’e had an amazing pool and amazing dinners, especially the Indian restaurant! Coin de Mire is very beautiful, but unfortunately the beach there is only city beach. I’m glad we had the opportunity to stay in three hotels! I would have stayed at Friday if I had to choose! 

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