Mauritius: World of Adventures Casela Nature Parks

Mauritius: World of Adventures Casela Nature Parks

Casela Nature Park is incredible! And it’s called Adventurous for a reason. In addition to the zoo itself, there is a sanctuary where the animals live a normal life in a large area (but with a fence). There are ziplane rides, quad bike safaris, segways, big cat walks, go-karts, and much more… It’s really no ordinary zoo, the animals live here in amazing conditions… And visitors can touch all of this. 

In Casela you can and should pet, touch and cuddle animals) Of course not all, and not always. Turtles, for example, strictly prohibited to ride! And to the big cats (lions, tigers, etc.) go in groups for an additional fee. 

Casela World of Adventures is a member of PAAZA (Pan-African Association of Zoos and Aquaria), which entitles members of this community to visit zoos around the world with special conditions. It is also Casela’s policy to preserve and protect endangered animal and plant species. Since 2015, the park is under the protection of the Princess of Monaco (who is also known for her protection of elephants in Asia).

What you get when you pay for a classic ticket is already amazing. 
The price of a regular ticket for adults is 22 € (850 rupees), for children under 12 years old it is 15 € (600 rupees). 
The price of the ticket with a zipline is 30 € (1,200 rupees).

Well then, I’ll show you all the charms of this place: amazing animals and birds. 

Very beautiful and interesting place.

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