About Me

Olga Modjaro is a professional photographer and travel-luxury segment blogger. Currently she lives between two countries – part of the time in Minsk (Belarus) and part of the time in France, in the lovely region of Burgundy.

This blog is where she documents her life. She has visited more than 30 countries. And you’ll find a whole lot of travel-related content on olgamodjaro.com, and maybe is when you visit the site, you’ll also get to know her as a person.

She has a really popular russian blog countryofcheese.com. It sets up is in 2017 (before since 2013 it she has a blog in livejournal.com). Her passion for travel, art, design, and architecture led to this successful blog she love.

My native language is Russian. But having moved to live in France, I am becoming more international, and so I decided to start creating a blog in English. For this reason, I apologize if there are mistakes in my English .


Olga is a professional photographer based in France (Burgundy and Paris) and Belarus (Minsk). She is a freelance photographer and journalist/blogger, her focuses: travel, interiors, hotels, and people’s stories, destination weddings, adventurous lifestyle and portraits. Welcome to her website and let her tell you a bit more about herself.

For last eight years She was honored to work with travel-clients from many countries and with brands and Hotels.